Your Well, changing the way we eat!

The Company

For marketing & sales of food, bodycare and health products based on seaweed

Your Well is a  company specializing in the marketing and sales of  products (organic food, natural health and bodycare) based on seaweed. Your Well combines commercial and management expertise with a year-long experience in well-established companies in the wellness market.

Your Well was founded by Kees Boender. Specialized in business and business economics Kees had positions in buying, marketing, selling of organic, natural health and bodycare products and also the managing of companies in these markets, in both manufacturing and trade companies.
Your Well distributes seaweed products in the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) market, to health, healthfood, fish and specialty stores, restaurants and industry.

Mission statement

OMNIS VITA EX MARE (all life comes out of the sea)

The sea is the source of all life. Your Well is marketing and selling products based on seaweed to bring the power of sea on shore. Seaweed is food, bodycare and health. It is natural, healthy, sustainable and….. delicious!

With a broad range of, preferably European, seaweed products and good advice Your Well has set the goal:

Every day.
Some Seaweed!


Your Well is distributor of:

• AlgAran organic Irish seaweed
• Marinoe organic French seaweed
• Algoplus French seaweed
• Sea Tangle kelp noodles
• Zilte Oogst Dutch seaweed products
• Ocean Desert Foods
• Sea Crunchy Seaweed snacks


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